About Us


Created on December 16, 1987 AQUAPOR – Aquários e Equipamento S.A., manufactures and trades aquaria and aquaristic accessories.  The mainly reason of its creation was due to the need to expand and render autonomous a major activity held by the mother company – ANIVITE – the leading Portuguese wholesaler on pet products with its activity starting on 1968.

At the beginning Aquapor production consisted mainly of electrical products for aquaristics, such as lighting hoods (lighting) and air pumps but its production was gradually increased and through an its-own line of production, it started to produce aquaria. Aquapor has been attending since its beginning the most well-known international exhibitions.

Nowadays, AQUAPOR produces almost all the essential products required in aquaristics and offers a vast set of different solutions in what concerns aquaria equipment.


Aquapor has the latest equipment applied to all the production system, from automatic cutting glass machine and efficient polishing and washing machines to finish glass edges, until the assembly line and all the necessary packaging equipment; our products can count on what the best aesthetics, functionality and safety has to offer.

Human Resources
The ultimate technology is not an advantage if you can’t count with qualified human resources; bearing this in mind, Aquapor bets in continuous skill training in order to improve each ones’ work, developing the workers capabilities in order to best perform each ones’ function; an example of that is the scholarship support the company gives to the workers and their families.

It seeks to create an every day’s challenge and stimulation but also a high level of demand in order to provide the highest motivation, but also the lowest rate of absenteeism and accidents at work

AQUAPOR is a mainly exporting company, selling abroad approximately ¾ of its production; its market is focused on the Western Europe, though with presence in almost over thirty countries. We can produce over two hundreds of thousand aquaria of several sizes and shapes, since tiny 21cm and 2,5L aquarium “Micro” until special aquaria with over 2m and 600L.  Over these last ones, a great number is tested under real conditions; through the filling of the tanks, the level of defects the company has can be checked and controlled.

Aquapor got its first ISO 29002 certification in December 1993 and ISO 9001 certification in October 1999. Its first product, an aquarium water-heater, was certified in October 1982, still under ANIVITE name. However, the quality of the company does not restrain to papers and products; it lies under every working procedure. It starts in every worker, whose aim is to constantly improve to better satisfy the client, using all resources in the most efficient way.

We couldn’t have walked this path hoping to reach far beyond, if we wouldn’t have looked ahead in a more sustained way. As the future starts every day, Aquapor has adopted an environment policy, namely with the rational use of resources, the treatment of its effluents, the planning of waste treatment, segregating, identifying and sending for recycling, and becoming part of institutions which, in turn, also spread, promote and perform recycling.