Quality Policy

Aquapor’s mission is to provide solutions to consumers who wish to have an aquarium.

To do this, Aquapor looks for the best partners not only for the resources needed for its activity, but especially for distributing its products and services.

Given that the market for aquarium accessories is strongly seasonal and has been in decline for several years, Aquapor seeks to maintain a suitable, agile and flexible structure that can adapt successfully to the evolution of this market.

Quality plays a key role, as it reduces waste and inefficiencies, identifies opportunities and keeps employees motivated, trained, and tuned with company policy.

For this, Aquapor, through its Quality Committee, analyzes the main risks to its activity, identifying the opportunities in the market and the organization to minimize the effects of these risks, in particular by setting objectives for its activity.

The pursuit of these objectives should also include the identification of all applicable requirements with a view to their fulfillment, in a spirit and effort of permanent overcoming, monitoring and periodically reviewing its policy and objectives.